Old Troll Woodworking
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   The Old Troll welcomes you to his woodworking page.
   Please look around and see if I have anything that you like.  All of my items are handmade and with as much “recovered” wood as I can find.  I also shop around for sustainable wood.    If you see something that you do like but isn’t quite what you wanted, please drop me a note and I will see what I can do.  Sometimes a piece isn’t the right kind of wood and it can be made in another species of wood for you to meet your needs    Please do not ask me to paint or stain any of my work.  I feel that the natural beauty of the wood is what should show through and I try to build and turn accordingly  But if you see a table that is made from maple and it isn’t quite as dark as you want there is a good chance that is can be built with cherry or walnut or some other darker wood.
   If you need a certain piece to fit in a certain spot let me know. 
Please remember that I am a small, one owner shop. I do my woodworking as a part time endeavor. I am a Registered Nurse by trade and a woodworker by addiction. I try as hard as I can to keep my prices low.  I basically try to recover the cost of the materials, shipping and PayPal fees.  Not a whole lot more. But The Big Boss (aka: My Wife) says I have to support my own addiction.
Thank you for dropping by!
All of my prices INCLUDE shipping to the Lower 48 States.  I am going to make sure that my stuff is shipped the safest way possible. I am not going to quibble over shipping costs and how it is shipped.  If you have a specific NEED like USPS, UPS or FedEx please let me know.  I’ll send it that way and make sure it is packed appropriately.  Of course, if you want it shipped somewhere weird or a long way away from here, I will add the EXTRA costs to the price.  But I will let you know BEFORE I do that.
The STORE button on top leads to many pages.  Hover your mouse over “Store” and it will show the page numbers in a drop down menu.  Thank you.
  All of the pictures in the store are just thumbnails.  If you click on any of the thumbnails you will get a larger view of that item.
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My guarantee is simple.  If you do not like what you receive just send it back to me.  I will replace it or refund your money.  YOUR choice.
© All this stuff belongs to The Old Troll
Welcome to Old Troll Woodworking
I am sure glad that you dropped by my site.  This is The Old Trolls’ woodworking site.  If you are viewing this on a phone or tablet, it won’t show you all the details of my pieces. If you see something that you like, email me and I can send you better pictures for you to check things out. I accept PayPal for payments at this point.  So look around. Please feel free to email me with ANY questions.    Thank you for coming by:       The Old Troll